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Nebraska Attorney David Crum

Managing Attorney David Crum

David is the Managing Attorney of Nebraska Defense Group with over 25 years of high level DWI and criminal defense experience.

David Crum is the managing attorney of Nebraska Defense Group and Omaha native. Nebraska Defense Group specializes in practicing criminal defense throughout the state of Nebraska. David has over 25 years experience practicing criminal defense after getting his start in law school at the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C.

David has extensive experience practicing law in the areas of DUI defense, the defense of simple misdemeanors and complex felonies, as well as multiple types of other cases in courts across the state. Mr. Crum is a frequent speaker and teacher on various criminal defense topics, especially those involving DUI. Among some of his presentations are: “364: Defense of Drunk Driving Cases in Courts of Limited Jurisdiction,” “Nothing to Lose: Sharpening Your DUI Trial Skills,” and “Mixed Misdemeanor Arts: The Full Defense of DUI and DV Cases.”

David received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston University. He then pursued his law degree from the George Washington University School of Law. He has a lovely wife who practices alternative medicine, and a daughter who recently graduated from law school herself. When not in the office, David can be found spending time with family and friends in Colorado and New Mexico.

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